RMSETAC strives to encourage student participation in regional and national SETAC meetings, research projects, and personal development. 

Monetary awards are presented to the best student poster and best platform presentations at the annual RMSETAC meeting.

Congratulations to All Student Award Winners!


Best Student Platform: Samuel Lewis ($500)
Student Platform – 2nd place: Kelsey Craig ($250)
Best Student Poster: Matthew Reno, Shelby Andersen, and Kamryn Rogers ($500)


Best Student Platform: Taylor Beach ($500)
Student Platform – 2nd place: Carmen Villaruel ($250)
Best Student Poster: Leah Lusk ($500)
Student Poster – 2nd Place: Kelsey Craig ($250)


Merit Scholarship Award: David Bertolatus ($666.67)
Merit Scholarship Award: Calvin Luu ($666.67)
Merit Scholarship Award: Dana Portlock ($666.67)


Best Student Platform: Chris Kotalik ($500)
Student Platform – 2nd place: Juliane Brown ($350)
Student Platform – 3rd place: Logan Rand ($200)
Best Student Poster: Molly McLaughlin ($500)
Student Poster – 2nd Place: Munira Lantz ($350)


Best Student Platform: Meaghan Rupprecht ($700)
Student Platform – 2nd place: Alex Townshend ($500)
Student Platform – 3rd place: Jill Murphy ($300)
Best Student Poster: Sam Wheeler ($500)


Best Student Platform: Randi Lapardus ($500)
Student Platform – 2nd place: Chris Kotalik ($300)
Student Platform – 3rd place: Jordan Anderson ($200)
Best Student Poster: Brain Wolff ($300)


Best Student Platform: Annie Krueger  ($500)
Student Platform – 2nd place: Chris Kotalik  ($300)
Student Platform – 3rd place: David Bertolatus ($200)
Best Student Poster: Elizabeth Traudt ($500)


Best Student Platform TIE:  Jeremy Jasmann and Tyler Firkus ($625 each)
2nd Place Student Platform:  Katherine Ebeling ($250)
Best Undergraduate Platform:  Keenan Seto ($250)
2nd Place Undergraduate Platform: Alex Townsend ($125)
Best Student Poster: Jacob Williamson ($500)
2nd Place Student Poster:  John Haynes ($250)


Best Student Platform:  Manuel Montano ($750)
2nd Place Student Platform:  Elizabeth Traudt ($500)
3rd Place Student Platform:  Chris Kotalik ($250)
Best Student Poster: Angie Baroffio ($750)


Best Student Platform:  Manuel Montano (Colorado School of Mines) ($500)
Runner’s Up Student Platform: Jim Carsella (Colorado State University – Pueblo) ($250)
Runner’s Up Student Platform: Evan Gray (Colorado School of Mines) ($250)
Best Student Poster: Munira Albuthi-Lantz (University of Colorado – Denver) ($250)


Best Student Platform:  Manuel Montano  ($750)
2nd Place Student Platform: Valerie Stucker ($500)
Undergraduate Award: Adam Herdirch ($250)


Best Student Poster: Valerie Stucker ($750)
Best Student Platform: Adam Schwindt ($750)


Best Student Poster: Romi Farokhash ($500)
2nd Place Student Poster: Beth Shedden ($300)
Best Student Platform: Pete Cadmus ($500)
2nd Place Student Platform: Emily Lesher ($300)
Undergraduate Award: ($500)